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It is at this time of year that want is most keenly felt…

12 Dec

I’ve really let blogging slide on my to-do list, but I’m asking that everyone who happens to see this please consider donating even just a couple of dollars to this family that is trying to save their grandmother’s house from foreclosure in Philadelphia. They need $32,000 USD by February 2nd to make this happen. Please remember the importance of community, family, and helping fellow humans and have a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, a Happy Solstice, or just a Fantastic Winter :D



Windy Day Transportation

4 Mar

Mike, Greg and I have been looking for an apartment in the area, so my brain is a-swirling with questions about groceries, laundry, heating, water, and other mundane subjects. We’re staying in the area for the convenience of public transportation and one of my favorite things about where I live is the train station. In such a Main Line center as here, with all of our tanning, nail salons, overpriced everything, and froyo there is this this rusted, rotting, chill train station with a rainbow of honor boxes, and dripping corners.






Interview with the Mike-pire

30 Sep

While we were driving to the orchard on Sunday (I know, I know, we go there alot), I was thinking about how Mike  is settling down in a place so different from where he grew up. From Northeast Philly to Mainline Paoli.

Okay, what’s the difference between walking out your door in Northeast Philly and walking out your door in Paoli? Well, considering Philly is a much busier place and whatnot, you get a lot of people commuting. Cars and buses are everywhere. You tend to see a lot more social interaction as well. In Paoli, I don’t see nearly as many people or cars. Things are a whole lot more quiet. There aren’t 50 cop cars whizzing by at any given time. It is a huge difference.

What about the people? What differences do you notice in the populace? In Philadelphia, you have a lot of lower to middle class people. The mixture of races is 100% more than it is in Paoli. There seems to be more camaraderie in Philadelphia than in Paoli. If you sneeze in Philly, you will most likely get a ‘God Bless You’. In Paoli, I have noticed they usually step back like you just blew anthrax on them and say nothing. People in Paoli to me seem nice, but stuck up as well. I have noticed the fancier the credit card, the snobbier they are. Working in retail, I have noticed a lot about people up here.

Do you think you’ve changed at all since moving here? If so do you think it’s because of the area or because of living with your wife and in-laws? The only thing that has changed with me is my eating habits and getting more exercise. I believe I am the same person. I don’t curse as much, but not because I am changing [from the area]. I just don’t use it as much.By the way, it’s wooder. Not wahter.

So then what do you like about living up here on the main line? I like that you don’t have to feel threatened walking out your front door. Not that you always do in Philadelphia, but the crime rate is through the roof compared to Paoli. I like Paoli because it has a lot more greenery and whatnot. I also like being that guy with the tattoos and gauges. Keeps it interesting.

Well, thanks for your time, Mike!

The Written Whitey

26 Sep

I love to write letters, as in paper, envelope, and a stamp. I even started writing to soldiers because they’re on the other side of the earth, in a foreign place, and away from everyone they love, therefore they need letters! I need people to write to. Watching Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, and Elizabeth Gaskell films doesn’t help, everyone wrote back then. I’d even settle to a good online pen So all of this thinking reminded me about Whitey.

I started emailing Whitey when I was 16 and he was in his early 30’s. Don’t give me that look. It’s like in Ferris Bueller, he’s my dad’s friend’s brother’s old band mate! My dad’s friend sent me Whitey’s old band’s old album and I loved it and after talking to my dad’s friend online he had me start talking to Whitey. He was a big part of my punk rock education, he introduced me to films (Lars Von Trier!), and basically was just an awesome friend. I don’t have access to our emails anymore, but I remember the style of his writing was very proper with superhuman grammar, and being impressionable tried to copy that. Oh so rebellious, pink hair and impeccable grammar, what what?

We’ve never met in person. A part of me has always remained apprehensive, because I’m afraid it would be much harder to chat with someone I’ve only type type typed to. Who knows. Maybe I’m just crazy. One day though, right?

So, cheers to Whitey.

Can’t Afford It

18 Sep

Someone I know from my younger days posted “eating healthy is expensive” on facebook. I’m not close enough to him that I would even comment, but it made me think of the times I’ve heard other people make this claim. What are these people eating? Gilded broccoli? Imported tofu?

It just irks me when people make blanket statements like “eating healthy is expensive”. The truth is that some healthy food is expensive and some unhealthy food is expensive.

I don’t really know where this post is going, I’ve just heard people in the past make excuses for how they eat and it makes me want to bang my head against the wall. They can’t afford to eat healthy? I don’t know how anyone can get away with this claim unless they’re going out for fancy shmancy noms.


On a positive note, my hair is still awesome after a second baking soda and vinegar wash.

Person L @ Siren Records

10 Aug

I’m getting tired, well bored, of writing lots of long posts about stuff with not enough good pictures. Just FYI.

A couple weekends ago Mike and I went to see Person L at Siren Records in Doylestown with our friend Amber. You should check them out because they’re pretty much the best thing since ripe peaches and they’ve been my favorite band since we first saw them open for Mae a year ago. They have incredible energy and are like nothing else.

More pics over here.