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It is at this time of year that want is most keenly felt…

12 Dec

I’ve really let blogging slide on my to-do list, but I’m asking that everyone who happens to see this please consider donating even just a couple of dollars to this family that is trying to save their grandmother’s house from foreclosure in Philadelphia. They need $32,000 USD by February 2nd to make this happen. Please remember the importance of community, family, and helping fellow humans and have a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, a Happy Solstice, or just a Fantastic Winter :D



2010 Visual

31 Dec

Let’s take a walk shall we? 2010. Been there, done that. Events occurred, experiences were had, and new people were met. Instead of talking about it I’ll just show you this year. 2010: now in color!

We saw our friends Jen and Jesus get married back in the spring.


Started playing with photoshoots…






I graduated from good ole Villanova.


Oh, and hey! I got married in 2010! Harry Potter and marriage? Win!


We picked so many peaches and blackberries at the farm this summer.


My cousin Rebecca got married!


Mike’s band played and reunited with their Tennessee brothers


Explored St. Peter’s Village for the first time. Well, we explored the stream and rocks.


Further exploration of Chester County. That’s right. We have longhorns.


Getting to know Valley Forge Park better.


Happy New Year to everyone! Let this year be full of adventures, happiness, and new experiences!


12 Aug

Andrew has been friends with my brothers since they were in middle school. Now he’s all grown up and in art school. We had fun with this shoot, buying all of the sunglasses and painting them over newspaper then waiting for then to dry. Even though Andrew hates my favorite band he’s a cool dude and introduced me to Ladder Ball, which has become one of my favorite games when it’s not too humid outside.