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It is at this time of year that want is most keenly felt…

12 Dec

I’ve really let blogging slide on my to-do list, but I’m asking that everyone who happens to see this please consider donating even just a couple of dollars to this family that is trying to save their grandmother’s house from foreclosure in Philadelphia. They need $32,000 USD by February 2nd to make this happen. Please remember the importance of community, family, and helping fellow humans and have a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, a Happy Solstice, or just a Fantastic Winter :D



Congratulations, NY!

25 Jun

I just want to say real quick that I am so happy for New York state. Gay marriage has been legalized there! It’s been a long road, but I’m so thrilled that more people can have access to the rights that Mike, myself, and many others enjoy. It’s all about love!

wedding rings, photo by Amber Zagorski (from our wedding)

Rock on.

Audio File: The Decemberists

11 Jan

Some years ago I saw the Decemberists at the Tower Theatre in Upper Darby. I think I was a sophomore or freshman in college. Oh those were ye days! Anyway, new album is coming out. Take note that for once I know about an album before it actually comes out.

Putting the give in Thanksgiving

23 Nov

One of the most awkward parts of Thanksgiving is when we all say what we’re thankful for. Usually it sounds hokey, if not fake. Faux thanks? There are alot of things I’m thankful for, but I’m not inclined to list them all at the table. By the time I finish the stuffing will be cold and the green bean casserole will be gloppy. Nobody will thank me for that. So I’m giving thanks here, for all the world to see.

I’m thankful for Mike, Mom, Dad, my brothers, my friends, Weasley, kitties, Harry Potter, books, thick blankets, wool, blue moons, striped sunsets, red light in the evening on the trees in Chester County, chilly fall nights, scarves, apple cider, Great Britain, orchards, farms, cameras, soft tissues, knit hats, amaretto, the deer population…

I’m thankful for big things and little things. I’m thankful for my ability to trust my gut instincts, no matter how unpopular they are with others. I’m thankful that I value my dreams and mildly disdain some facts of the real world.

Thanksgiving is what we make of it, like any holiday right? My friend Marisa was telling me that donating to Native American funds should be a part of Thanksgiving, and she’s right! Let’s give thanks. Yes, many nations have been overthrown and have had their land stolen. However, the fact that conditions on reservations are, at best, awful…well, that’s just not acceptable. It’s 2010 and it’s time to really GIVE thanks.

Native American Heritage Association accepts donations to help provide for families in need on reservations. They “provide food, clothing, heating assistance and self-help programs to the Native American families struggling to make ends meet each month”. This Thanksgiving, make it possible for families in need to have a turkey and other necessities by donating HERE. Here’s to a Happy Thanksgiving for everyone!

What are you thankful for?

Your voice is your strength

5 Oct

Being a teenager isn’t usually as hard as people make it out to be, or as the movies portray. However, for the unhappy victims of bullying it’s alot harder than most people know. I was lucky. I got made fun of from middle school to the middle of high school. It’s annoying, scary, and at times crippling. No one should be afraid of walking to the corner store or of going to school because they’ll be made fun of for being overweight, for having purple hair, for having a disability, for being bisexual or gay, for being what makes them happy and truly themselves.

I don’t remember the faces of most of my bullies, they’re unimportant in the story of my life. Though, I will always remember on the walk home from the bus when one guy made fun of me, his friend finally exclaimed, “Knock it out man, just leave her alone”. I’ll never forget in the high school hallway when another guy stood up for me to his friends. Or when one lone boy walked over to me (while I hid behind some shrubs from his bully friends) to apologize for his friends’ immature behavior. I think that’s what it takes to stop all of the inane and worsening bullying. It’s one thing to stand up to your enemy and tell them to back off, but if you saw your friend bullying some kid- would you be able to stop it? Would you have the goodness and strength to tell your friend to stop, that no one deserves to be treated like a bit of trash? Maybe the greatest aid to a bully is their silent friend.

Side note: Most of those people are friends or acquaintances now. We’re not so different from one another, in fact we all had alot in common it turned out.

What lesson can we take away from this? If your friend is a bully, even just a little tiny bit of a bully, tell them to stop. Your voice is your power. If you have a child you have the power to love and accept them no matter how different they are from you. You have the power to admire others for their independence, originality, and love of life, because your child will notice. You have the power to not mock others for their mode of dress or what have you- your child is a sponge. Give them the ability to see the good in everyone, not the ability to find wrong with everyone.

A new beginning

21 Sep

After a very long break I’m finally putting jewelry up in my etsy shop, Marquesa Jen. I’m leaning towards a simpler style using quality materials. I spent way to much time trying to make things that I didn’t feel proud of. While I was thinking about fall and my favorite things about it, it hit me. All of the things I appreciate in the changing seasons are simple, bold, quality experiences. I don’t mean bold as in big, but like something that stands alone and isn’t cluttered by other trappings. I’m going to list items slowly. One or two per day. I used to post my favorite piece first, but this time around I love everything I have made. Everything I make now I would wear myself, and there are some I intend to make a duplicate of for myself. Here is a picture of one of my creations. I feel good :)

P.S. My blog is going to be taking a similar turn. I spent too much time trying to contrive what I write, so I’m going to write about whatever happens to inspire me. Shouldn’t we all?