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Fitness: Tools

18 Jul

Tools I Can’t Do Without: Sports bra, Racer back tank top with built in sports bra “active wear”, mesh shorts, good socks, running shoes, broken in Etnies for cycling, MyFitnessPal.com, scale, blender, reusable water bottle, lemons and limes, fresh produce, instant streaming tv/movies

Mike and I have started running. Voluntarily. As in, without being chased with a sharp object. I know, who would’ve thought, right? We’re logging all of our food intake and workouts on myfitnesspal.com now. It’s awesome. It has become my new favorite website. If you’re struggling with weight loss and/or want to get healthy then I can’t recommend it enough. If you join up please friend me so we can encourage one another! You’ll see on my sidebar that I have a widget from the site that tracks my weight loss. I’ll be weighing in on Thursday mornings, so keep an eye on my progress! Now back to our usual programming…


Can’t Afford It

18 Sep

Someone I know from my younger days posted “eating healthy is expensive” on facebook. I’m not close enough to him that I would even comment, but it made me think of the times I’ve heard other people make this claim. What are these people eating? Gilded broccoli? Imported tofu?

It just irks me when people make blanket statements like “eating healthy is expensive”. The truth is that some healthy food is expensive and some unhealthy food is expensive.

I don’t really know where this post is going, I’ve just heard people in the past make excuses for how they eat and it makes me want to bang my head against the wall. They can’t afford to eat healthy? I don’t know how anyone can get away with this claim unless they’re going out for fancy shmancy noms.


On a positive note, my hair is still awesome after a second baking soda and vinegar wash.