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It is at this time of year that want is most keenly felt…

12 Dec

I’ve really let blogging slide on my to-do list, but I’m asking that everyone who happens to see this please consider donating even just a couple of dollars to this family that is trying to save their grandmother’s house from foreclosure in Philadelphia. They need $32,000 USD by February 2nd to make this happen. Please remember the importance of community, family, and helping fellow humans and have a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, a Happy Solstice, or just a Fantastic Winter :D



It takes a community

12 Apr

I have some disappointing news. I am very disappointed in myself because I won’t be able to start posting Ordinary People as soon as I hoped to. Many circumstances have kept me from taking as many pictures as I need, so it will be May by the time it comes to fruition. In the mean time I promise to regularly post some photos up here. Honestly.

Much has been happening lately. I’ve been writing a paper, trying to get the nitty gritty wedding details hammered out, finding a place to live, find a job, call the dentist, and so on and so forth. I knew that a DIY wedding would be alot of work, and I was right. We’ve made so much and we’ve organized so much. The most important and difficult thing has been learning when to say a few phrases: “It doesn’t matter”, “well that sucks, but whatever”, “We don’t really need that anyway”, and “it’ll work out somehow”. I thought I knew how to do this, but when it actually happens it is a little harder. The edges aren’t perfect on the RSVP cards? Who cares! No, really. If someone looks at our cards (which we designed and cut ourselves) and gives a damn about that edge…will you care? I don’t. I did for a split second, but someone who is hung up on that edge has problems that I can’t help them with. The biggest thing we’ve put out of our hands is the food.

This is a recession wedding, so catering isn’t a great option. Some catered food just isn’t that great. My friend Kelly got married last year and the food they had was AMAZING, but not everyone can be as lucky as her. I know my family, and Mike’s, can cook. Cook well. So on our invitations are the words “Potluck Reception to Follow Immediately”. It is in the hands of our guests. My mom is the coordinator for this, but other than her organizing we have great faith in our friends and family. I know there are people who think this is “cheap”, but guess what? I don’t care. Contemporary weddings have a habit of deeming anything cheap as bad. Weddings aren’t just about two people, it is about a community coming together to witness two people getting married. If it takes a village to raise a child, then it takes a whole community to put on a wedding.

Under all of my reason is a river of stress though, so I am just thanking my lucky stars that it’s nice outside and I can just sit in the sun after class and sketch. So in that tone here are some shots of Mike with our friends Kyle and Nick fishing out on Linden Avenue.

The internet is a wide world and there are alot of great people on it. I was going through my blog rounds today and saw that Ryan at Pacing The Panic Room wrote about We Love Liam. Started by Lynn from Satsuma Press to ask for help for her son who has Spinal Muscular Dystrophy. Please visit We Love Liam and donate a couple bucks if you can. It’s good to do something good.