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Fitness: Weigh In: A Surprise

28 Jul

I ate a good amount of bread last night, a peppermint patty, and the last few days I’ve eaten more than usual. I was hoping for 189 at best. I weighed myself this morning to see a 186.6 looking up at me.

I am awesome.


Fitness: Weigh- In: I’m awesome

21 Jul

If you look at my little widget to the right you’ll see that I have lost a total of 5 pounds (5.2 to be exact) since I began my journey. Boo yah! Do people even say “booyah” anymore? Whatever, I’m 2 pounds down from last week. Seeing the numbers move makes this all worthwhile.

One downside is that my face is breaking out. You can’t see it, but I can feel lots of little bumps. I’m guessing it’s a result of this obnoxious heat and humidity we’re enduring in PA. I never spent this much time running around outside, so this has never been an issue, but I nearly lost my cool when I realized I was breaking out. This didn’t even happen when I was a teenager! I quickly scrubbed my face with some oatmeal, so hopefully this doesn’t turn into something worse. I’m going to be washing my face much more often now. Has anyone ever had this happen before? Any tips you can offer?

Fitness: Tools

18 Jul

Tools I Can’t Do Without: Sports bra, Racer back tank top with built in sports bra “active wear”, mesh shorts, good socks, running shoes, broken in Etnies for cycling,, scale, blender, reusable water bottle, lemons and limes, fresh produce, instant streaming tv/movies

Mike and I have started running. Voluntarily. As in, without being chased with a sharp object. I know, who would’ve thought, right? We’re logging all of our food intake and workouts on now. It’s awesome. It has become my new favorite website. If you’re struggling with weight loss and/or want to get healthy then I can’t recommend it enough. If you join up please friend me so we can encourage one another! You’ll see on my sidebar that I have a widget from the site that tracks my weight loss. I’ll be weighing in on Thursday mornings, so keep an eye on my progress! Now back to our usual programming…

Fitness: Photos from a small adventure

2 Jul

Happy Saturday! I have to work later, but I’m fully enjoying the day. My cat woke me up around 7:30 or 8 because he wanted food, and after that I didn’t feel like going back to sleep. What to do…I ate a whole grapefruit and drained the residual juice into my orange juice then went on a bike ride.

Lesson: Grapefruit is on the list of “negative calorie” foods for a reason- it’s not filling. I was hungry halfway through my ride, but it was so nice out I kept on riding. I took a few photos along the way. This is my standard ride. Not as long as what I’ve been doing the rest of this week, but enjoyable and a good workout. By the time I got back on my street I felt the sun beating down on me. Then just when I got into the nice cool apartment my brother dragged me back out for a short walk. All is forgiven though because he bought me a turkey sandwich. Hunger satisfied.

In other news, I have a scale! I’m going to guesstimate that my starting weight in this endeavor was 197. After I’ve made, what I think, is a difference then I will disclose where I’m at.

Fitness: Healthy Habits

29 Jun

I’ve successfully been keeping a notebook with my food intake, activities, and helpful notes for 8 days now. I couldn’t even keep a diary for 3 days when I was a kid, so this is earth shattering to me. Are you excited? Perhaps no.

The first hurdle to be jumped for my big fitness plan was interest. Staying interested in getting fit has always been a problem for me. Of course the desire to lose weight and gain strength is always there, but staying motivated and mindful has proven difficult.

1. Mindset. This is battle. Absolute confidence is necessary.

2. Immersion. Surround yourself with images or words of motivation. Bookmark good exercises or recipes. Do this everyday.

3. Find a fun activity that you could do everyday. Cycling, hackysack, running, spoiling the dog with a loooooong walk.

4. Pride. When you walk through Wawa or the grocery be proud when you don’t look twice at the chips or candy.

5. Don’t kill yourself over it. I have a couple of good bars of chocolate from Whole Foods in my fridge, because sometimes it’s okay to have a treat.

6. Food! Things I’ve been eating:

Salad with Garlic Expressions dressing

Homemade granola bars – with variations on ingredients


That’s all for now. I still haven’t bought a scale, but I hope to get one this weekend!

Be the Change

22 Jun

Fattening, delicious food is like smoking cigarettes. It is very hard to quit. I’ve always struggled with my weight. I wasn’t one of those cream puff kids that doctors predict heart attacks by the age of 12 for, but I wasn’t terribly healthy and I was big. Also keep in mind that by age 13 I had reached my adult height of 5’10”. Being this tall made becoming a teenager very awkward, compounded with the extra pounds it was uncomfortable. 5’10” and 190lbs.  The summer between 8th and 9th grade I lost around 20-30 pounds. How? I really don’t know, all I did was play hacky sack all summer with the neighborhood kids. So I guess I lost 20-30 pounds by playing hacky sack, which is a good workout looking back.5’10” and 163lbs.

The weight slowly returned over the years. I’m 24 now, 5’10” and back at my high weight from age 13. I have the body of a 13 year old you could say. I’ve been fine with it/ignoring it for sometime now, with small bursts of “I’m going to lose weight” where I exercise, eat healthier, lose 5lbs. and then promptly gain it all back. So now what? I’m almost midway through my 20’s and while trying on my clean laundry the other day, then trying to buy new shorts I threw my arms up and said, “I’m sick of this shit”. I’m sick of this shit.

Now what? Well, I’ve come to the conclusion that I will either give up and just eat myself into diabetes and madness or I will be active everyday and eat my way to a healthier, more enjoyable life free of ill-fitting pants, tent-like tees, uncomfortable socializing, and weakness.

Which would you choose? Obviously, I’m choosing the latter.

I didn’t plan on sharing this here, but perhaps committing myself to health in public will drive me. I’ve surrounded myself with graphics on Pinterest of workouts, healthy snacks, and new recipes. The last 3 days I’ve begun my transition to thinner, healthier, more awesome Jen.

So in this new category of posts I will be including my favorite music to sweat to, workouts I’ve been digging, where I’m riding my bike to, my healthier, yet tasty meals.

Don’t just encourage me, be nosy. Ask me questions. I need fuel to burn this fire!