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Fearless Friday

18 Jan

You may be wondering why there haven’t been any Fearless Fridays lately. You might not be wondering this at all. If you are curious then read on. I’m not especially good at blogging on a regular basis. Obviously. It was cool doing themed FF posts, but I found that I was just perusing solely for each post. I wasn’t finding things I was inspired by and then making a post for them, I was making a post and trying to find things to put in it. I need to stick to my strengths and stop trying to be so scheduled. So there will still be FF’s, sort of. Less often, but hopefully of a higher quality. I feel better already! So on we go with my virtual window shopping, fearless because I’m not spending all of my money, but I can still look and possibly drool.

That was all just a way to say I am an inconsistent blogger basically.


Fearless Friday

29 Oct

Originally my costume for Halloween was to be some 1920’s character, possibly Zelda Fitzgerald. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be this year. Well, here are some great picks anyway!

the blue lagoon headband by ukelele


bead vintage style headband by birdofafeather


illiana brass earrings by blueserendipity


emerald lady necklace by vintageexistence


resplendent rarity dress by modcloth


snake short sleeve shirt by neonanalog


vintage blue suitcase by bluebernice



Fearless Friday

22 Oct

Since Halloween and Dia de los Muertos are fast approaching I’ve put together an inspiring, awesome pieces of wardrobe and costume.

death before dishonor tee shirt by akumulnk


calaveras girl’s shirt by calaverasapparel


lucille walking suit by gentlemen’s emporium


vampire bride mask by artisanmaskers


mini victorian top hat by greenegoth


black cat clip set by pachwilliamson


fangs necklace by cuteandfun


blood red coral necklace by marquesajen


day of the dead necklace by bluerosedesign


dia de los muertos hello kitty necklace by wickedminky


day of the dead earrings by southwinddesign