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Pre-Mom Mom

2 May

Perhaps you’re wondering why I haven’t posted any vintage photos when I promised a boatload of them. The answer is simply that I am working two jobs now and we haven’t found the cord for our scanner. Then of course we moved, so that doesn’t help.

I still have some on my computer, so as penance…All photos of my mom, since Mother’s Day is this Sunday. My mom’s trademarks were long red hair and an incredibly narrow waist. Even now that my mom’s hair is more strawberry blond than fiery red, I still consider her to be a redhead. My mom, Luisa, has worked hard in every aspect of her life. We’ve hit the point where we’re more similar than different now, even saying the same things at the same time, where previously only Mike was doing that to me. If I’m not home, chances are that I’m at her house watching Jane Austen movies or “Foyle’s War” and drinking tea. Look back later in the week for photos of my mom after I was born.

My mom when she was 15

I have no idea how old my mom is here, but she was young

Mom at 17, lounging ever so gracefully on some steps

Halloween geisha girl

On the way to a dance


As Time Goes By : Short and Sweet

2 Mar

I’ve scanned some of the photos I have, but the scanner didn’t tell me that my USB was full. Frown. So I’ll have to bring my laptop next time I scan photos for some good old scan and dump fun. In any case, I’m very excited to share this first small batch with you. All photos are at least 20 years old. I’m 24, my brothers are almost 22, so any photos containing us are indeed in that category. Enjoy!

My mom sometime in the 60’s with a new haircut


My parents when they first started going out


I love that some of the photos I have from the 1970’s have postcard backs. None of them have anything written on the back, but they had the option!


My Dad helping me fly. It’s so strange seeing my Dad in a tie. I just don’t associate my dad with wearing a tie.


So just a short post today. Shorter posts mean I can prolong the goodies. I’m going to get some more scanned this week I hope, so I should have some 1940’s loot for next time! I leave you with this question: When you see old photos of your parents does it seem like a whole other person, or is it easy to connect their past to their present?