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30 Day Photo Challenge : Days 27, 28, 29, 30

22 Feb

So I keep seeing other people doing the 30 Day Challenge on my facebook page. Some are friends that like to take photos and others are doing something entirely different. I was so confused that I ended up looking it all up and apparently for each day you post an old photo that falls under some criteria like happiest day, best friend, etc… Anyway, for anyone led here thinking that’s what is going on here: you’re in the wrong place, but I hope you stick around. I’m simply taking three photos each day and posting them. It’s an exercise in photography meant to keep my camera with me as much as possible. Unfortunately I’m not getting what I want this time around, partially because it’s so cold and dreary that I just don’t feel inspired.


Day 27

Our neighbor’s shutter after intense all day winds


My brother Greg and his giiiiirlfriend


Random shot of the parking lot at Wegman’s from the car. Yup.


Day 28

Greg returned home. Despite 60 mph winds he rode his bike to Target and back.




Windy, but beautiful.


Day 29

Just some train station trash.


Under the bridge at the train station.


The infamous site of my slip and fall a year or two ago, resulting in back injury and concussion. Lovely.


Day 30

My husband person. Mike! <3


Good ole Greg in the snow. Yes, more snow…


Mike got me this beautiful print by Nan Lawson for Christmas. I love it! It looks like us. Tucked into the envelope we look like we’re sleeping. Nap time!


And thus the 30 days ends. Or ended yesterday, but you get my meaning.


30 Day Photo Challenge : Days 18, 19, 20, 21

12 Feb

Uh ha…ha. I’m running behind on posting my photos because I haven’t been inspired by much, so I didn’t really feel like posting, but here they are!


Day 18

A whole heap of old letters.


An old letter to my grandfather from his parents…in Polish.


All of these are in Polish. I’m hoping my cousin’s friend can translate.


Day 19

More cat!


Not a very good picture, but this is the lid of my laptop.


Some of my shoes.


Day 20

Clafoutis with cherries that I made for work.


An origami cat that Mike folded.


Wool fishermen’s yarn.


Day 21

Weasley loves grocery bags, especially sitting in them.


Elephant stamp dispenser!


A piece of chocolate from Whole Foods. Mmmm…

30 Day Photo Challenge : Days 15, 16, 17

8 Feb

I’m not slacking! I was going to post days 15 and 16 yesterday, but I got home at 10.15pm, so I didn’t much feel like it. Posting on day 15 seemed silly, as I was sure everyone was glued to their televisions. As was I, except I was watching Sense and Sensibility.

Day 15

Dad on our hike at Valley Forge. We’d just gotten to a flat spot on Mt. Joy so we gulped some water and ate some cheese.


Looking down the trail. The snow was packed down and became very slippery at points. Going downhill was a cross between running and skiing. Slightly awkward and my ankles hurt a bit by the end. It was worth it though!


Mike enjoying a break on Mt. Joy. He looks quite the mountain man!

The rest of photos from the hike are here.


Day 16

Silly photo party go!


Mike’s really old 2 dollar bill. I think it’s from the 1920’s but I’m not sure.


My Person L shirt, which I never wear because it’s white and I’m afraid it’ll get stained. I might try to dye it or something, because it is very cool and I love Person L.


Day 17

It was absolutely freezing and windy today. I had a few locations in mind to photograph, but didn’t make it to them because of how cold it was. I stopped at the train station to gain some shelter from the wind.


Another train station shot. After this I wrapped my scarf tighter around my neck and shuffled off across the ice and snow. Mostly ice though. All I could do was think of defiantly thick hot chocolate, riding in the back of a pick up truck in the cold under a wool blanket, and warm bread…sigh…


Hipster Cat does not approve of your social prejudices or your baggy pants.

30 Day Photo Challenge : Days 12, 13, 14

5 Feb

Okay, I’m really late posting these pictures. I meant to last night and just didn’t get around to it. Meh. Day 12 photos

Day 12

Our drinks on the table while we celebrate James Joyce’s birthday at Flip and Bailey’s with a crew of Villanova professors and students.


Musicians at Flip and Bailey’s


One of the young Irish dancers.

If you want to see all of the photos from that night please go here. Not the best I’ve taken, but I was having too much fun to care.


Day 13

Surprise! It’s another picture of my cat! Only this time he looks like a crabby old man. I know you all LOVE that post a million pictures of him.


I didn’t buy this only because the label is awesome, even though it is. Mike “bought” this for me…and by bought I mean I used his money to purchase it after he said he wanted to get it for me.


New necklace. It’s not finished yet, but it’s part of a new era of jewelry for me.


Day 14

Trader Joe’s cinnamon bun. Yes. It was amazing.


I just thought this was a crazy amount of colors and texture and pattern.


A little parcel that is being sent away. Inside is a necklace I made and it was bought the other day.


30 Day Photo Challenge : Day 11

2 Feb

Another scramble to take my photos before sundown. I like today’s photos! Joy!

We always have a decent view of sunset. The trees are considerate and make a valley.


A different view of the shrub outside. Still covered in ice.


I’ve always got a virgen de Guadalupe candle around ever since I went to Mexico.

30 Day Photo Challenge : Days 9 and 10

1 Feb

After I took my first photo yesterday I went to work and didn’t get home until 10.30pm, so there was a bit of a rush. With the rush in mind I’m fairly content with what I came up with. Today’s I had plenty of time for, but the thick fog and deep chill made me lethargic. Still I managed some acceptable shots that represent today.


Day 9

Craig Mullaney signed my book! I’m using this shot because you can see the giant book cover behind him. Aside from having written an honest, interesting book, he seems like a genuinely nice guy. Very chummy and normal.


My bottle of ginger ale in front of my (signed!) book.


Mike with his tattoos in his lumberjack shirt. Mike found the book signing hilarious. He observed that having my book signed by Mister Mullaney was like when he got to meet Steven Christian (Anberlin). I guess there is some truth to that. I really enjoyed the book, enough to read it more than once, so this was a big deal for me.


Day 10

Mike folded these snowflakes after Christmas, so we taped them to the living room window for decoration. I have to wonder if they’re responsible for all of this snow. I mean really, snow every two or three days? It’s getting wild! Maybe these are acting as some sort of offering to the Norse gods or something? I don’t know.


I got bored and melted some chocolate chips, poured it into a lined container, and studded it generously with hazelnuts. I added a tiny sprinkle of sea salt. My verdict: Needs more hazelnuts, possibly crushed, and could use another dusting of sea salt.


Just a bunch of jewelry I’ve made. I was working on taking new photos of it all.


I’ve seen several people beginning the 365 Day Photo Challenge (a picture a day for a year) and I said to myself, “Self, why are you only doing 30 days? That’s kind of wimpy”. Well geez, self. So, maybe after some more consideration I’ll begin doing 365 in March. We shall see…

30 Day Photo Challenge : Day 8

30 Jan

I’ve got four pictures today, because I feel like it. Two are self portraits. I don’t have many pictures of myself, not for lack of trying. I’m very particular about photos of me. For some reason I look best when snarling. What does that say about me?

Greg in snow. I like to take photos of my brothers in snow. They are so stick-like and Greg wears alot of black so this effect looks good. Righto.


My breakfast smoothie! Banana, mango, raspberry, blueberry, flax meal, avocado, cucumber, plain greek yogurt, and milk. Yum!


What do you mean I’m “unfriendly”? I’m actually pretty friendly, I just don’t like crowds much.


I found this old civil war photo some years back…okay maybe not.