1 Sep

There are times when I feel like an organized person stuck in a disorganized state. I hate the mess that my craft closet is, I cringe at the messy kitchen, and my bedroom floor…let’s not go there.

With the help of my husband and brother, our bedroom is now clean, organized, and spacious. The living room is workable. The kitchen…getting there. The dining room is on its way to becoming a great party/common room.

Now for this blog. I don’t post often, because it’s a mess. I like categories to prompt my posts. I like an attractive layout and right now this place just isn’t working out.

*rolls up sleeves*

This is the fun part. With the help of Mike, friends, family, and you I am going to reinvent my blog, like Madonna, but with less make-up. I’m not going to pin down a date to re-launch, because we all know I’m terrible at deadlines. I plan on talking to other bloggers, people who love to read the blogs that I admire, and anyone else that might be able to give me some ideas.

Now, I need your help. I could write about a million things, but I want to stay organized. In the poll below choose what you would most like to see to help guide my choices.


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