The Getting Ready Scene

30 Mar

I’m trying to stay away from my computer today, but I can’t resist its siren call. Quick update then.

*cues up the A-Team theme music*

Got a new phone. It was free. It is better than my old one, which was sporting non-responsive buttons.

Halfway to finishing curtains for our new bedroom.

Kitchen curtain is a disaster. Need to make a new one. Fabric was not sturdy enough. Should have used more fabric and a layer of interfacing.

Packed a few more boxes yesterday, thanks to generous donation of cardboard from Alex. Thanks!

Started making potholders and bags out of this crazy fabric from the thrift shop. 1970’s much? I dig it.


Okay enough fabric talk. I’ve been watching “A Good Year” on repeat, along with “French Kiss”. I’m sensing a distinct theme. I was going to watch “The Sound of Music”, but I’ll save that for tonight when my mom is home so that my prancing and singing will be even more entertaining….yea.

Sets of curtains are my bane. My own personal domestic, crafty, cotton print hell. *sigh* Is it too early for a glass of wine? Yes?



One Response to “The Getting Ready Scene”

  1. So Resourceful March 30, 2011 at 6:02 PM #

    Cool fabric, I dig it!

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