A Couple of Stories

27 Mar

The sun is shining and I couldn’t be happier about it. Now as long as it doesn’t rain on Friday we’ll be set!

It seems like everyday someone’s bringing home two or three empty boxes. Either mom picks some up or Mike brings some from work. Works for me. I’ve been going around the house and plucking bowls from cabinets, books from shelves, and thread from drawers. Living at home, my possessions are naturally all over the place. Unlike moving a whole home, I’m on a scavenger hunt 24/7.

I think my Virgen de Guadalupe candles will need their own box. I have 6 I think. I’m not Catholic by the way, I just really like her story and I loved Mexico so much in the fall that the image of Mexico’s patron saint has come to mean something different to me. She’s just a wealth of memories, of Marguerite, Maggie and I wandering off into Puebla alone, of children trick or treating in Tlaxcala, of buying tacos outside the museum and talking with a family from the area, and of wandering Xalapa in the night with new friends. The climax of our trip was probably wandering the cemetery in Naolinco then riding back in the bed of a pick-up truck with Marguerite, Simone, pan de los muertos, and home made wine.

In the corner cabinet I found 5 or 6 ceramic bowls that I made in college, either at college or at the Wayne Art Center. I can tell which was made where because the glazing is so different and I never used the wheel at college, so the markings are different. I took classes at the WAC after my boyfriend dumped me in college. I took my jar of change that I was saving to do something fun with him and spent it on a pottery class I’d wanted to take. I took a class and went to one or two open studios there. I haven’t been on the wheel in a very long time, but when I have the money I want to go back. I hope it’s like riding a bicycle.


Damn, I turned my head and saw a pile of books I need to pack. Off I go.

Everything has a story.


2 Responses to “A Couple of Stories”

  1. Crepes of Wrath March 28, 2011 at 9:48 AM #

    I lived in Arizona for so many years, but I never spent very much time in Mexico. I really hope that I can change that some time soon – your story really inspired me. I want to buy street tacos in Mexico!

    • dietplaid March 29, 2011 at 9:59 AM #

      Do it! It’s the best, especially around dia de los Muertos, at the end of October/beginning of november. Absolutely beautiful and I’ll tell ya, the only time any of us got sick was when we ate at a sit down restaurant.

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