This is us moving

19 Mar

The process has begun! We’ve got boxes, we’ve got newspaper, we’ve got tons of things to pack.

We don’t have a truck, but if worse comes to worse then we can just roll back the top of our car and stick the bigger furniture in it, one at a time. I’m not really, worried about moving, I’m just trying to find a good place to dig in! I can’t just throw random things in a box, because that will lead to frustration later on (“where’s the damned phone charger?!”). The books can go in a few boxes together, my fabric, my yarn, our shoes, winter clothes, magazines and sketchbooks. It’s the odds and ends that are a pain.

Mom and I brought over a big stack of printer paper boxes from the library and Mike can bring some home from the state store. Greg has hardly any packing to do. He’s a minimalist in a way, except for all of the little owls, paintings, posters, and costume stuff he has.

Hm, which box to put this in…


Then there is the matter of Remus. He is the cat we’ll be importing from Philadelphia. Mike’s mom has graciously harbored the scrappy little guy for us while we lived with my family. He’s been ahem…pooping in weird places because one of the other cats is tormenting him, so we’re hoping this he’ll like the shiny new box my mom bought for him. I mean come on, he gets his very own litter box. He doesn’t have to share! We’re going to invest in a spray bottle as well, to train him to not scratch stuff he shouldn’t be scratching, and to make sure he doesn’t knock breakable things over. Oy vey. It’s going to be an interesting experience.

Let’s hope he doesn’t do this now. He’s gotten much too large since this was taken.



2 Responses to “This is us moving”

  1. andrea March 20, 2011 at 2:30 PM #

    best of luck! Moving is just bonkers!

    • dietplaid March 22, 2011 at 8:38 AM #

      Thanks! I didn’t think there was so much stuff to do, but I was wrong!

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