Japan, Hawaii, California

11 Mar

My heart goes out to the people of Japan, Hawaii and those in the West Coast that may be getting hit with tsunami as well. Seeing footage of the earthquake and tsunami is horrifying and I can’t imagine the raw terror they are experiencing right now. I’ve been watching the news since I woke up. I’ve switched to CNN because the local channel switched to talking about Charlie Sheen, so let me say this: Who cares about Charlie Sheen?! Something much more serious is occurring, which is where out attention belongs. I am so sick of seeing Charlie Sheen in the news. I understand that he’s famous and it’s interesting, but it’s not like he’s the first person to act like this. People away from cameras have been known to lash out and frighten their families with confusing, possibly dangerous behavior. From now on if Sheen appears on my screen I’m changing it.

Anyway, back to the present danger west of here. Please send your thoughts/prayers/rituals/energy over there. If you know any funds that have been set up to aid these people please share them here. California, please hang in there. It’s going to hit in 30-60 minutes.


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