In the past, for the future

22 Feb

I wrote up a post about scrapbooking. I couldn’t decide whether or not to stick all of my little memory things in a book. I like having a box of important stuff that I can file through as I please, though a book would keep it organized. It was a long and pointless conversation with myself. Before I could finish the post I started going through my grandparent’s letters and old cards and photographs and I was swept away. Then I opened up a box full of my mom’s old photos, my dad’s old photos, and you can imagine…

Hundreds, if not thousands, of letters between Mimi and Poppa, Poppa and his army buddies, cousins, brothers, and parents – all written between 1943 and 1946. Photos from the 1800’s to the present. A vintage treasure trove, but to me and others interested, it’s more than just “yay vintage!” it’s “yay history!”

So now I’m embarking on a massive journey into the past. The living room (much to my mom’s chagrin) is full of boxes of photographs and letters. I’m going to be scanning the photographs and some of the other interesting items, all of which will be posted here gradually.

I guess you could say that this blog has taken a decidedly vintage and historical turn.


One Response to “In the past, for the future”

  1. Luisa February 22, 2011 at 7:40 PM #

    This is me…chagrined…8/

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