30 Day Challenge : Days 22, 23, 24, 25, 26

18 Feb

I’m not posting today’s photos right now. *boggle*

I’m taking them later, so you’ll see them later. These are the photos from the last million days. When will it be now? Soon…

Day 22

My grandmother’s birthday! She’s 85 this year and here she is with my mom, my aunt, and my uncle. She lives in a home out near the orchard and has advanced alzheimer’s. We had a good ole time!


Bulls! We pass these guys every time we visit Meme or go to the orchard. They’re nice guys.


Little burros! Burritos?


Day 23

My husband being musical. Usually when I go downstairs he’s learning magic tricks or playing guitar. I like that :D


Okay, so we got Weasley a new toy. Yes, another piece of cardboard, but this is fancy cardboard. It’s called the Scratch and Nap! Guess what? He scratches it and naps in it! Brilliant!



Day 24

Present #1


Present #2


Present #3


Day 25

One of Lindsay’s monster dice bags. :D


Copper Cup from Cathy’s


Random things in our room


Day 26

Beach chair!


The snow is gone, but there’s a scar left from the ice river


This last one is a photo of a photo. A taste of what is to come. Oh, and this is my mom :)


4 Responses to “30 Day Challenge : Days 22, 23, 24, 25, 26”

  1. Tophie "Palmer Pink" Palmer February 19, 2011 at 5:09 PM #

    that beach chair is trippin’ me sideways. great photos as usual, man! :D

  2. Brittany L. Stanley February 21, 2011 at 2:09 PM #

    wow, you look exactly like your mom. I didn’t even have to read the caption to know who it was.

    • dietplaid February 21, 2011 at 11:34 PM #

      Haha, I hear that all the time, but wait until you see some pictures of my dad. I seem to look exactly like both of them, it’s weird.

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