30 Day Photo Challenge : Days 15, 16, 17

8 Feb

I’m not slacking! I was going to post days 15 and 16 yesterday, but I got home at 10.15pm, so I didn’t much feel like it. Posting on day 15 seemed silly, as I was sure everyone was glued to their televisions. As was I, except I was watching Sense and Sensibility.

Day 15

Dad on our hike at Valley Forge. We’d just gotten to a flat spot on Mt. Joy so we gulped some water and ate some cheese.


Looking down the trail. The snow was packed down and became very slippery at points. Going downhill was a cross between running and skiing. Slightly awkward and my ankles hurt a bit by the end. It was worth it though!


Mike enjoying a break on Mt. Joy. He looks quite the mountain man!

The rest of photos from the hike are here.


Day 16

Silly photo party go!


Mike’s really old 2 dollar bill. I think it’s from the 1920’s but I’m not sure.


My Person L shirt, which I never wear because it’s white and I’m afraid it’ll get stained. I might try to dye it or something, because it is very cool and I love Person L.


Day 17

It was absolutely freezing and windy today. I had a few locations in mind to photograph, but didn’t make it to them because of how cold it was. I stopped at the train station to gain some shelter from the wind.


Another train station shot. After this I wrapped my scarf tighter around my neck and shuffled off across the ice and snow. Mostly ice though. All I could do was think of defiantly thick hot chocolate, riding in the back of a pick up truck in the cold under a wool blanket, and warm bread…sigh…


Hipster Cat does not approve of your social prejudices or your baggy pants.


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