30 Day Photo Challenge : Days 9 and 10

1 Feb

After I took my first photo yesterday I went to work and didn’t get home until 10.30pm, so there was a bit of a rush. With the rush in mind I’m fairly content with what I came up with. Today’s I had plenty of time for, but the thick fog and deep chill made me lethargic. Still I managed some acceptable shots that represent today.


Day 9

Craig Mullaney signed my book! I’m using this shot because you can see the giant book cover behind him. Aside from having written an honest, interesting book, he seems like a genuinely nice guy. Very chummy and normal.


My bottle of ginger ale in front of my (signed!) book.


Mike with his tattoos in his lumberjack shirt. Mike found the book signing hilarious. He observed that having my book signed by Mister Mullaney was like when he got to meet Steven Christian (Anberlin). I guess there is some truth to that. I really enjoyed the book, enough to read it more than once, so this was a big deal for me.


Day 10

Mike folded these snowflakes after Christmas, so we taped them to the living room window for decoration. I have to wonder if they’re responsible for all of this snow. I mean really, snow every two or three days? It’s getting wild! Maybe these are acting as some sort of offering to the Norse gods or something? I don’t know.


I got bored and melted some chocolate chips, poured it into a lined container, and studded it generously with hazelnuts. I added a tiny sprinkle of sea salt. My verdict: Needs more hazelnuts, possibly crushed, and could use another dusting of sea salt.


Just a bunch of jewelry I’ve made. I was working on taking new photos of it all.


I’ve seen several people beginning the 365 Day Photo Challenge (a picture a day for a year) and I said to myself, “Self, why are you only doing 30 days? That’s kind of wimpy”. Well geez, self. So, maybe after some more consideration I’ll begin doing 365 in March. We shall see…


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