30 Day Photo Challenge : Day 8

30 Jan

I’ve got four pictures today, because I feel like it. Two are self portraits. I don’t have many pictures of myself, not for lack of trying. I’m very particular about photos of me. For some reason I look best when snarling. What does that say about me?

Greg in snow. I like to take photos of my brothers in snow. They are so stick-like and Greg wears alot of black so this effect looks good. Righto.


My breakfast smoothie! Banana, mango, raspberry, blueberry, flax meal, avocado, cucumber, plain greek yogurt, and milk. Yum!


What do you mean I’m “unfriendly”? I’m actually pretty friendly, I just don’t like crowds much.


I found this old civil war photo some years back…okay maybe not.


One Response to “30 Day Photo Challenge : Day 8”

  1. Luisa January 30, 2011 at 6:39 PM #

    I actually think you look best when looking wide-eyed and surprised. Boo!

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