30 Day Photo Challenge : Days 6 and 7

29 Jan

We’re still wading through snow, which is heavy and has been covered with a thick dusting of new, dry snow from this afternoon. Yesterday I worked through the day so I snapped some indoor pictures. Today though, I was free!

Clementines! You’ll always find a crate of these in our house. I always take one to work with me. At least one.


A small acoustic guitar Mike likes to mess around on. It’s great to tote around to parties or on car rides.


I bought this pendant from someone at the punk rock flea market in philadelphia years ago. I’ve never put it on a string, I just keep it with my beads. It’s part of a collection of beads that I keep for myself, but never wear.


Day 7

This shrub at the corner of our house is completely covered in thick ice and the sides are dripping giant icicles. It looks sooo cool.


This evergreen tree always looks fantastic when it snows, but I particularly like that on the right side the snow is sloped up the tree from the ground.


Lamb stew! Mom had lamb stew the other day and so today she made a batch of it. Lamb chunks, potatoes, carrots, and onions. It’s very good and just what one wants on a cold winter night. This picture isn’t the finished product, but very close.



One Response to “30 Day Photo Challenge : Days 6 and 7”

  1. Luisa January 29, 2011 at 6:48 PM #

    Re: lamb stew…it was the fresh herbs added to the thickened gravy that made it “finished.”

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