30 Day Photo Challenge : Day 4

26 Jan

Day four! It snowed this morning into this afternoon. The snow stopped. Then the sleet began and now the snow is back at it again. One can only hope that one doesn’t have to somehow get to the bus tomorrow. I was going to take some more photos outside, but I chickened out after walking over so much ice to meet my mom at the train station. Anyway, it looks EPIC, especially with the THUNDER and LIGHTNING! It’s like the gods got together and combined three of my favorite weather conditions in one night. Thunder, lightning, and snow. Yes.

The snow earlier today. Wait until you see tomorrow’s pictures!


Mike got sick of being stuck inside and played guitar then cleaned the entire kitchen. I played Dragon Age then took photos. Obviously.


Weasley retreated under mom’s blankets and pillows for some snow day underground sleeping.






One Response to “30 Day Photo Challenge : Day 4”

  1. Luisa January 26, 2011 at 8:09 PM #

    We have the most vicious cat in the world, as evidenced by his lethal display of claws….never mind that he’s under a nice soft pillow and flannel sheets. (Is that Mike playing Kumbaya?)

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