17 Jan

I think January 17th is a good day to set some goals for 2011, don’t you?

I’ve been reading some blogs where other people are setting goals, not resolutions (and I’ve become smart enough not to tempt my resolve to crumble), and I decided to mimic them.

My 2011 To-Do List

=Continue growing out hair OR get a snazzy haircut

=Go hiking monthly or more

=Try new recipes

=Go out for coffee with friends more often

=Research, sketch, and make new jewelry with real feeling

=Write more letters and postcards

=Keep a sketchbook

=Attend to my lonely little blog more often

=Be loud and proud like the old days

=Practice, practice, practice photography

That about covers it for now. What about you all? Any goals you’ve set for this year or for life in general? Tell me!


One Response to “Goals”

  1. Kelly January 24, 2011 at 6:21 PM #

    my goals for 2011:

    – pull down all the pannels in my living/dinning room
    – buy a jeep,and learn to drive it
    -put 100.00 more on our house payment
    – paint downstairs and upstairs

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