16 Jan

I’ve been pondering and plotting and planning for my jewelry shop on etsy. I keep changing my work, which I believe is a sign of progress. I’m learning and improving my style. Originally I used all sorts of materials, not necessarily high quality materials and my designs were random. Then I moved into a simpler style of jewelry with higher quality materials: stone and silver plated chain. If you’re anticipating a move to gold and valuable gems then think again. I’m constantly on the lookout for things that inspire me. My last stage had me under the impression that I was inspired by simpler things. I believed that my love of the farms, orchards, and natural world meant I should move towards very basic designs. Eh. I sort of got that right. I don’t think I got my terminology right. Rustic does not equal simple. Vintage, natural, and wild does not equal simple. Since when have I ever been simple? I prefer to answer questions with words like “depending”, “usually”, “sometimes”, and “supposedly”. Where am I going with this? I’m doing some research on jewelry from nomadic tribes, american indians (north and south), belly dance accessories, asian jewelry, and maori art. I don’t know if anything will come of it, but I’m doing research all the same. If you know of any books or electronic sources with relevant information please share!

I’ll still be making and selling necklace and earrings from stone and silver chain, but I’m merging with Laughing Maidens. You’ll be able to peruse my work along with the work of a few others.

P.S. BIG NEWS: One of my necklaces in the Laughing Maidens shop has been featured in a treasury which is soooo exciting!!!

Made by Jen, featured item




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