Fearless Friday

3 Dec

Okay, so I missed last week’s FF. For shame. I’ll try to stay on the ball from now on. Really.

I don’t usually have any trouble finding gifts for the men in my life, but I know many people that do. This post is for them. I’ve scoped out some great gifts for menfolk that aren’t golf related, because I don’t know any guy that likes golf and there are always way more golfy gifts for men than anything else. Gah. So this is for everyone else. For the men who do not golf, for the men who do not want a shaving kit, for the men who have so many ties that they could sew a whole quilt! Let us liberate them this holiday! This is Spartaaaa! Oh. Sorry. I got a little carried away there.

rust wallet by makr


wool felt pine cone wallet by banoo


hiker button by theangryrobot


olive green long sleeve striped tee by clothespallet


bacon periodic table shirt by jamjamtees


ursa major t shirt by blackbirdtees


10ft instrument cable in emerald with straight plugs by cordinated


men’s straw fedora from violet64


evolution laptop sticker by thatstickerguy


totemspice gourmet rubs kit by purposedesign


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