Viva Chile!

13 Oct

Is anyone else watching the rescue of the Chilean miners after 69 days of being trapped? If not, then get to it! It is amazing!

So many people are watching this happen, this truly inspiring event. How many times do people gather around a television or computer to witness good news? Usually it’s a tragedy that draws our attention, but we are seeing something beautiful. 33 men are being rescued from the bowels of earth to be reunited with family and friends. Each time someone is brought up and released from the capsule I almost cry, just some rogue tears, but I am just so happy to see something good. I’m waiting for the 18th miner to be brought up and I’m genuinely thankful to see this versus some political debate over whether a candidate used to practice witchcraft, which, by the way, is absurd. Am I biased because I’ve had friends that are wiccan and my mother-in-law is? Absolutely, but as a citizen of the human race I’d like to know how it is important right now. Why does it matter how one person finds faith, or used to, when we should all be focused on how to be good to others? It doesn’t. Anytime a tragedy or a miracle happens we can know that we are all on the same ball of dirt and we need to watch out for one another. We need to cheer for each other. We need to stop fighting one another and work together. I know that people will continue to fight over religion and politics, but right now I’m muting political ads and I’m reaffirming that my view is Be Good to Others. Or as Bill and Ted say, “Be excellent to each other”!

So to go back to my point, Viva Chile!


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