Interview with the Mike-pire

30 Sep

While we were driving to the orchard on Sunday (I know, I know, we go there alot), I was thinking about how Mike  is settling down in a place so different from where he grew up. From Northeast Philly to Mainline Paoli.

Okay, what’s the difference between walking out your door in Northeast Philly and walking out your door in Paoli? Well, considering Philly is a much busier place and whatnot, you get a lot of people commuting. Cars and buses are everywhere. You tend to see a lot more social interaction as well. In Paoli, I don’t see nearly as many people or cars. Things are a whole lot more quiet. There aren’t 50 cop cars whizzing by at any given time. It is a huge difference.

What about the people? What differences do you notice in the populace? In Philadelphia, you have a lot of lower to middle class people. The mixture of races is 100% more than it is in Paoli. There seems to be more camaraderie in Philadelphia than in Paoli. If you sneeze in Philly, you will most likely get a ‘God Bless You’. In Paoli, I have noticed they usually step back like you just blew anthrax on them and say nothing. People in Paoli to me seem nice, but stuck up as well. I have noticed the fancier the credit card, the snobbier they are. Working in retail, I have noticed a lot about people up here.

Do you think you’ve changed at all since moving here? If so do you think it’s because of the area or because of living with your wife and in-laws? The only thing that has changed with me is my eating habits and getting more exercise. I believe I am the same person. I don’t curse as much, but not because I am changing [from the area]. I just don’t use it as much.By the way, it’s wooder. Not wahter.

So then what do you like about living up here on the main line? I like that you don’t have to feel threatened walking out your front door. Not that you always do in Philadelphia, but the crime rate is through the roof compared to Paoli. I like Paoli because it has a lot more greenery and whatnot. I also like being that guy with the tattoos and gauges. Keeps it interesting.

Well, thanks for your time, Mike!


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