The Written Whitey

26 Sep

I love to write letters, as in paper, envelope, and a stamp. I even started writing to soldiers because they’re on the other side of the earth, in a foreign place, and away from everyone they love, therefore they need letters! I need people to write to. Watching Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, and Elizabeth Gaskell films doesn’t help, everyone wrote back then. I’d even settle to a good online pen So all of this thinking reminded me about Whitey.

I started emailing Whitey when I was 16 and he was in his early 30’s. Don’t give me that look. It’s like in Ferris Bueller, he’s my dad’s friend’s brother’s old band mate! My dad’s friend sent me Whitey’s old band’s old album and I loved it and after talking to my dad’s friend online he had me start talking to Whitey. He was a big part of my punk rock education, he introduced me to films (Lars Von Trier!), and basically was just an awesome friend. I don’t have access to our emails anymore, but I remember the style of his writing was very proper with superhuman grammar, and being impressionable tried to copy that. Oh so rebellious, pink hair and impeccable grammar, what what?

We’ve never met in person. A part of me has always remained apprehensive, because I’m afraid it would be much harder to chat with someone I’ve only type type typed to. Who knows. Maybe I’m just crazy. One day though, right?

So, cheers to Whitey.


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