A new beginning

21 Sep

After a very long break I’m finally putting jewelry up in my etsy shop, Marquesa Jen. I’m leaning towards a simpler style using quality materials. I spent way to much time trying to make things that I didn’t feel proud of. While I was thinking about fall and my favorite things about it, it hit me. All of the things I appreciate in the changing seasons are simple, bold, quality experiences. I don’t mean bold as in big, but like something that stands alone and isn’t cluttered by other trappings. I’m going to list items slowly. One or two per day. I used to post my favorite piece first, but this time around I love everything I have made. Everything I make now I would wear myself, and there are some I intend to make a duplicate of for myself. Here is a picture of one of my creations. I feel good :)

P.S. My blog is going to be taking a similar turn. I spent too much time trying to contrive what I write, so I’m going to write about whatever happens to inspire me. Shouldn’t we all?


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