No Shampoo? No kidding!

16 Sep

“Actin like my hair ain’t luxurious when you KNOW it is!” – Katt Williams

My hair is luxurious. It hasn’t always been. I have been plagued by dandruffed, frizzy, itchy, oily hair. The only time it looks good? The day I wash it, but only in the evening. I have to wash my hair every other day exactly or else it gets gross. Dandruff shampoo usually works for a grand total of three days. I was starting to consider getting a newer, more expensive shampoo and conditioner, but damn! I just can’t bring myself to pay so much for so little. I thought maybe a natural shampoo would work, but still….money. A bundle of.

I’ve been hearing about the “no shampoo method” for a few years. A friend of mine gave it a whirl, but I knew little about it except that there is sometimes a transition period that involves greasy hair. Um, no thanks. Well maybe. I was off on Monday so I did some reading and confirmed what I already guessed; that hair gets greasy because the chemicals in shampoo strip away the oils so one’s body overproduces oils to compensate. Thus the vicious cycle.

This link enlightened me greatly. Basically I’ve sworn off shampoo and conditioner, which have been nothing but trouble for me. I already knew that the chemicals strip off all the oils which causes my body to overproduce more oil- evil cycle. So I tried it on monday and my hair looks and feels amazing still. It feels as clean as it was on Monday. I’m going to keep with this method and see how it goes in the long run. I don’t think Mike is ready to try it yet, he really like his hair to smell nice. I too want to get a nice scent, so I’m going to steep rosemary and lavender in my vinegar.

This is exciting!


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