Review: Mo’s Bacon Bar

17 Aug

Mike and I have been trying new foods lately so I want to start sharing some of the goods with you.

Perhaps you have not heard about Vosges chocolate bars. Let us say that you haven’t, just for the sake of this post. I have been eyeing their “Mo’s Bacon Bar” for a few weeks now. I see it at Wegman’s and tell myself I will wait for a special occasion to buy this $6 bar. Well, Mike and I finally bought it the other day. No special occasion, but after remembering several attempts to make chocolate covered bacon we gave in. We threw up ours arms and gave ourselves fully to this indulgent treat. Vosges’ Bacon bar features smoked bacon and smoked sea salt, which sounds great, but after finding Lindt’s sea salt bar disappointing I was a little skeptical.

(Sorry for the blur, camera died as I took this)

Yes, it sounds silly to be worried about a chocolate bar, but we shelled out $6! That’s alot of money for a bar of brown gold. I ate my pieces very slowly, nibbling on them and letting them melt in my mouth in order to savor each bit of salty bacon, crunching down on some pieces of salt. I never found myself wanting for more salt or bacon, it was perfectly balanced. This is absolutely a slow down and enjoy treat. There are four different Vosges bars available at Wegman’s: Mo’s Bacon Bar, the Barcelona Bar, the Goji Bar, and the Red Fire Bar. So yes, my birthday is in October…just saying. Oh, and if you know of a good bar of chocolate let me know!

Also check out Katrina’s blog on the Vosges site. It’s full of short, fun, informative posts!

Full Disclosure: I am not being paid or compensated in any way to promote Vosges chocolate, I simply happened upon them and think your world would be better if you invested in a bar.

Next Up: St. Andre cheese with peaches


One Response to “Review: Mo’s Bacon Bar”

  1. Captain Dumbass August 19, 2010 at 7:07 PM #

    Bacon and chocolate….*angels singing*
    I tried the Lindt sea salt too and didn’t think much of it.

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