Just Say Hi

3 Jul

I was going to write about my difficult relationship with breakfast, but my mom told me about an article she read in the paper and I really want to talk about it. A man in Australia lives near a large cliff where many people commit suicide. He lives with his wife in his little house with no neighbors. The boonies, if you will. He has saved somewhere around 140 people simply by approaching them, saying hello, and inviting them to tea. The article says that many suicide letters include a line like this: “If just one person says hello to me/smiles at me I won’t go through with this”.

Can you imagine living in a house across from such a cliff? What would you do? I wonder how many people would do as this man does.

The point is that I think some people are jerks, but not because they want to be, but because they are afraid of everyone else. The news does a bang up job of scaring us into staying inside our homes and avoiding strangers. The result is rudeness. I say hi to people or smile when I pass them on the sidewalk. I wave to people when they let our car pass. I never understand when I get dirty looks for doing either of any things. Well, I just have to say this to all of those people: Tough tooshy! I am going to keep saying hello and smiling. I understand telling kids not to walk off with strangers, but instilling so much pointless fear is dangerous.

So, this Independence Day: BE NICE!

Oh, and celebrate our freedom by watching a British girl sing an awesome song and wear sequined red, white, and blue.


One Response to “Just Say Hi”

  1. Captain Dumbass July 6, 2010 at 4:08 AM #

    Good for you. I try and be nice and smile at people too. If they don’t reciprocate, meh, too bad for them. If they don’t smile at my children though, then they’re probably going to hell.

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