Springtime Hobby

10 Mar

For anyone in the area- the D’Amicantonio shoe store in Wayne, PA is accepting donations of shoes to send to Haiti. Lightweight shoes in good condition are ideal as it is quite a bit hotter down there. My mom and I dropped off a bag of shoes we’ve only worn a few times that are mostly canvas. They have to fill a whole pallet before they can ship them out and they still have some room, so raid your closet!

With Spring finally showing its lovely, warm, breezy head and stress building from school, finding work, planning a wedding I decided I need some project that is not related to these areas. What kind of Spring project could I engage in? Mike makes beer:Not really my thing. Some people clean: Definitely not my thing as I do one good cleaning and that’s it- hardly a hobby. So I went back to my old standby of lurking on Craftster.org to find something, anything!

Then suddenly!

The clouds parted and I came across my new obsession! Dandelion Wine! It has a happy yellow color and the poster says that it is sweet and delicious when chilled. I like sweet and chilled beverages, it’s perfect! It looks fairly easy to make and if all goes well it will be well worth going around my apartment complex to pick dandelions. Upon further inspection the blog this recipe came from is fantastic, though it hasn’t been updated in some time it is worth a read: Le Vignaud.

On that note, I really can’t wait to start gardening too. Maybe this year I’ll be able to really expand what I plant. I know I want mint, basil, lemon verbena, carrots, peas, beans, peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes. I’d love to one day have a huge garden, I want it to consume my yard with tall meandering green life. I will be checking on what I can start planting soon, I might even make a chart of the months and when to plants things, when they were planted and when they will be ready. How organized!


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