Looking Forward to Something

24 Feb

Spring break is next week and it is going to be great. Not great in the suntanning, Corona with lime, wild parties with irritating people way, but actually enjoyable. Depending on my work schedule I will be going down to Mike’s on Monday or Tuesday where I will work on my Pynchon/Nazi/Foucault paper and then on

-Thursday we’ll visit Daneen’s bar and see how it compares to her old one. This won’t be hard as the last one was usually empty save for 5 others when we went, but we liked having the run of the place.

-Friday we’re seeing Person L at the TLA, which I am looking forward to with childlike enthusiasm. I’ve never been so excited about a band. Every interview they have makes me feel happy for them, maybe because they aren’t the typical mainstream crap I have to wade through so it makes me happy to see them succeed. It also helps that they’re from the area and in my mind still qualify as a “local band” despite having a bigger name in them. When they had a big article in AP magazine I was thrilled and promptly stole it from Mike. We also look forward to seeing Amber there! Amber is doing us the honor of photographing our wedding in June. Yay Amber!

-Saturday is Nicolette’s 16th or 17th birthday. I always forget how old she is. She is Daneen’s stylish and awesome daughter. My cousin Quinn might make an appearance as well, which would be awesome as I don’t see him enough. I have a little over a week to make an awesome gift for Nicolette. Countdown.

So tonight I am going to enjoy the snow (Snowpocalypse Part 3) and have a beer. Not a Corona either.


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